RESTEC (Recubrimientos y Anclajes Técnicos S.L.)

RESTEC (Recubrimientos y Anclajes Técnicos S.L.) is a Spanish company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of synthetic resins for Public Works and Construction.

In 1990 it specialised in manufacturing exclusively Anclex Traffic Resin.

Since then, the main road, railway, airport and Public Works construction companies have been consuming this Resin uninterruptedly for the solution of anchorages, seals, coatings and electric encapsulations.

The Anclex Traffic Resin manufactured and distributed by RESTEC (Recubrimientos y Anclajes Técnicos S.L.) has extraordinary chemical and physical resistances, it is totally compatible with water and is put into service faster than other resins, which makes it a highly versatile product ideal for anchoring any element on asphalt, concrete or rock, for anchoring bolts, machinery and tracks, for sealing electric circuits on the road surfaces, fixing luminous beacons, bolting concrete, repairing beams, columns and structural elements and countless fast and safe solutions.

The proven effectiveness of Anclex Traffic Resin by RESTEC (Recubrimientos y Anclajes Técnicos S.L.) is known worldwide.

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